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feature - matthew fasone

Apr 7 2020

The Corvers Mezzanine

Good things in small packages.

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Apr 6 2020

The Lounge gets Painted

Ioannis brings his house paints.

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Apr 02 2020

The Lounge Networks

Discover our In-Network Artists

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Mar 31 2020

Mar 31 2020

The Lounge Upgrades

Terri Brooks upscales The Lounge.

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Mar 30 2020

The Collins Collection

3D Painting from America.

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Mar 30 2020

Mar 22 2020

The Snoek Collection

Rich surfaces from The Hague.

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Mar 16 2020

Ed's Hall

Ed Hall joins The Lounge.

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Mar 08 2020

Rose Restocks

After selling her works, Rose restocks The Lounge. 

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Feb 24 2020

The Nava Collection

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Feb 24 2020

The James Mezzanine

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Feb 16 2020

Feb 16 2020

Feb 8 2020

Dennis Works on Aluminum

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Feb 8 2020

The Graaf Collection

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Jan 31 2020

Jan 18 2020

Jan 12 2020

The Foss Collection

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Dec 21 2019

Dec 19 2019

Dec 16 2019

Dec 16 2019

Dec 13 2019

Terri Brooks in The Lounge

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Nov 27 2019

Andrea Gulli

Dedicated to The Lounge.

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Nov 18 2019

Music Comes to the Lounge.

Sounds of The Lounge.

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Nov 15 2019

July 2019

Lounge Magazine Launches

Issue One is released.

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June 2019

Gabriele Ludwig Contributes

Reviewing a Kees Barten work.

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May 2019

Instagram Launch

Our Instagram page is revamped.


November 2018

Website Launch

Dennis launches his latest website.


April 2008

Screen Printing Begins

Dennis begins large-format screen-printing.


Showing Artists Worldwide. Listening to music largely unheard. Viewing art in history.

Ed Hall

Earthy works from Texas.

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Jeffrey Collins

3D Painting from America.

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Ioannis Lassithiotakis

Architectures from Greece.

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Paul Corvers

Paintings from The Netherlands.

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Alex De Bruycker

Undertones from Belgium.

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Michael Craik

Surface from Scotland.

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Doris Erbacher

Watercolors from Germany.

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Jorge Nava

Made in Madrid

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Evelyn Snoek

Surface stories from The Hague.

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Enya James

Cornish Colors.

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Rose Moxham

Minimal spaces from Brisbane.


Nikolay Morgunov

A Muscovite in Barcelona.

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Yvette van den Boogaard

Voicing from The Netherlands.

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Randy Gibson

Brooklyn Paints.

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Terri Brooks

Works on Paper from Australia.


Ollie Guyon

Wall Works from Britain.

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Painting in London.


Joris Graaf

Digital Photo-Art from the Netherlands.

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Greg Warwick

The slide-rule reinvented for color.


Vytautas Paplauskas

Lithuanian Geometry in painting.


Karen Foss

Color Fields from Cornwall.

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Kees Barten

Painting in Netherlands.


Tom Früchtl

Genuine certified artworks from Germany.


Matthew Fasone

An American in Japan.


Karin Beyens

A Belgium aesthetic.


Megan McGlynn

Drawings from Philadelphia.


Wendy Cohen

Paintings from Down Under.


Michael Kaul

Works on Paper from Germany.


Ivan Belov

From Russia with Heart.


Marielle Belou

Vectors from France.


Dennis Towers

American Archival Pigment Prits.


music electronic

Ever look for music not found in most catalogs? Tap or click here.

Rolf Julius - Weitflächig. Machine as nature. As if an extraterrestrial were to listen to Earth, not making a distinction between natural and man-made sound. Earth sound. 


lk - Imagelines.


The Western Tradition by Eugene Weber

Over 2,700 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art illustrate some of the West’s cultural achievements. Traces the arc of western civilization. From Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, winding into 20th century Europe and America.


Our Team

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